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Origin: Jimma Region, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1500-2000 meters
Farmer Union : Kata Muduga
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom

Roasting: Medium
Place of Roasting: Addis Ababa
Notes: Peach , Jasmine, Bergamot


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Thank you Team Annan,everything was perfect!

easy to order, delivery as expected and coffee with character. Beyond that I do feel contributing to social matters for those who mostly need.

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  • <transcy>French Press</transcy>

  • <transcy>Aeropress</transcy>

  • <transcy>Bialetti</transcy>

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Brew Guide

Limu is our Swiss Army Knife. It works well as a filter coffee, but also in the French or Aeropress. Even as an espresso, Limu cuts a fine figure and leaves a long-lasting sparkling aftertaste. We would advise against brewing in a fully automatic machine - here we recommend darker coffees such as the Jimma.


Grind: Medium
Quantity: 18.0 g coffee powder
Water quantity: 300 g in total. First add 50 g water and let it bloom for 40 seconds, then pour in 100 g and after 30 seconds add another 150 g water.

Brewing temperature: 92 °C

Brewing time: 2:30 min

The general rule is: If the coffee is too sour, then grind finer. If the coffee is too bitter, grind your coffee a little coarser.

About the coffee

It all started with Limu. Our first coffee, the birth of Coffee Annan. Limu is therefore always something special for us. Limu comes from the southwest of Ethiopia and impresses with its clarity. A smooth, floral, medium-bodied coffee with notes of jasmine, bergamot and stone fruit. As a real "Swiss Army Knife", Limu is suitable for all Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press, Bialetti and, with a little practice, even for the portafilter. The only thing not recommended is to use it in a fully automatic machine. If you have an atuomatic machine, we recommend the darker roasted Jimma.  

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